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Brothel Ephesus

  • January 12, 2013 1:13 pm

As an intersection of the Marble Road and the Curetes Street, the Brothel was also called as the Love House. A statue of Priapos, known as the god Bes, was found in the Brothel. Besides, mosaics found on the floor of a room on the west side of the house which showed a man with two women having fun together provided strong argument that this could be a Brothel.

Brothel EphesusFurthermore, an advertisement showing the direction of the Brothel was made on the pavement on the Marble Road.

Of the two-storeyed house, only the ground floor was preserved. This floor was paved with mosaics and marble, its walls were covered with frescoes. In the middle was a peristyle, around which were rooms and halls of various sizes. As the house was located on the corner, it was entered by two gates, one on the Marble Road, the other on the Curetes Street. There was a well located on the side by Curetes Street, which is still in use today, once provided water for the house in case of water cut. The Brothel was built in the period of Emperor Hadrian, along with the Latrines and Temple of Hadrian. During Byzantine period, the front part of the Brothel was turned into a stoa, later called as Alytarhos.